Leadership Roundtable: Community Action for Resilient Coasts


With the increasing frequency and intensity of storms and extreme events, coastal erosion, and flooding, coastal communities across the country are taking action to make their cities more resilient. Communities need the information, tools, resources, and partnerships to be able to better prepare, plan, and respond as they face these challenges. In 2012, Superstorm Sandy roared toward the Mid-Atlantic coast with wind, waves, and storm surge that devastated the coastal communities in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. To protect their communities, leaders from all parts of the community have been coming together to promote smarter development, improve investments, utilize natural barriers, and reduce future economic risks and losses. CHOW’s signature Leadership Roundtable brings together these leaders, including federal and state governments, business leaders, and local leaders, to discuss how their communities came together to rebuild more resilient environments, communities, and economies.



Dawn M Martin | Vice Chair and Treasurer, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation


Sylvain De Guise, DMV, Ph.D. | President, Sea Grant Association

Laura Furgione | Deputy Assistant Administrator for Weather Services, NOAA’s National Weather Service

John Haines, Ph.D. | Program Coordinator, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, U.S. Geological Survey

Denise Savageau | Conservation Director, Town of Greenwich, CT

Michael P. De Luca | Senior Associate Director, Office of Research, Rutgers University

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