Information Age: Tracking and Enforcing IUU Fishing


Last year, CHOW convened members of the U.S. IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud Task Force to discuss how the Administration is moving forward to implement the Action Plan recommendations, the first of which was passage of the Port State Measures Agreement. In Fall 2015, Congress passed the Port State Measures Agreement and the President signed it into law. In February 2016, the U.S. became the 21st party to ratify the Port States Measures Agreement with only four more countries to go before it becomes international law. What’s next and how do we build on this accomplishment? CHOW 2016 will bring together front-runners of technology, enforcement, industry and policy to examine the international picture of monitoring, control and surveillance or “maritime domain awareness,” the key problems and vulnerabilities in need of solutions, and some of the initiatives and innovations and third party investments that may be able to provide the level of monitoring, control, and surveillance needed to ensure stewardship over our global ocean fisheries.



Dawn M Martin | Vice Chair and Treasurer, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation


Ian Urbina | Investigative Reporter, New York Times

Geo. Guy Thomas | President, C-SIGMA LLC

Michele Kuruc | Vice President for Marine Policy, World Wildlife Fund – U.S.L

Chris Lischewski | President and CEO, Bumble Bee Foods

Shah Selbe | Engineer and Conservation Technologist, National Geographic Society

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