Blue News: Casting a Wider Net


The American public has access to information from more sources and more means than ever before. News, media, entertainment, marketing, and social media are constantly looking for the hot stories and issues, trying to grab national attention, and influence audiences. In an age where information is a click away, you must be able to get stories out in a timely fashion and capture your readers while maintaining your reputation and integrity.

There is an intricate balance to engaging a wider audience while ensuring the information and sources remain reputable and objective. What are the latest tools and tactics we can utilize to cast a wider net and target new audiences on "blue issues"? And as we look to engage a wider audience, how can we ensure the information and sources are reputable and representative?



Barbara Cochran, President, National Press Club Journalism Institute


Anne Thompson, Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent, NBC News

Maura Welch, Director of Brand Marketing, Trip Advisor


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