Climate Realities: Preparing for the Worst?


Our society is already experiencing the effects of a changing climate from extreme storm events, changing ocean chemistry, and shifts in biologically complex marine environments. The latest International Panel on Climate Change report states that we are not prepared for the climate-related risks already facing society.

Are the hard decisions being made in time to ensure that the U.S. is prepared for the worst of these climate realities? Our military, emergency response planners, businesses, and communities are assessing risks and vulnerabilities and mobilizing to adapt to and prepare for the impacts. Will current measures be enough to guarantee our national security, protect and sustain our economy? And if not, what else must be done to build a society with stronger and more resilient communities for the future?


The Honorable Jared Huffman, U.S. House of Representatives, CA-02


Holly Bamford, Ph.D., Assistant Administrator, NOAA National Ocean Service


The Honorable Kevin Ranker, Washington State Senate, LD-40

Michael Castellini, Dean for the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Frank Nutter, President, Reinsurance Association of America

Rear Admiral Jonathan W. White, Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, U.S. Navy

Roy E. Wright, Deputy Associate Administrator for Mitigation, Federal Emergency Management Agency

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