Local Responses to Global Challenges


Published on Jun 12, 2013

As global changes in governance, economies, culture, and the environment converge at the local level, America's coastal communities are being exposed to escalating risks driven by forces beyond their control. At the same time, changes occurring on a local scale are contributing to and constantly affected by global transformations.

Communities are searching for feasible and immediate actions to reduce their vulnerability to changes in the local environment -- but how can the sum of emerging technological and policy solutions make a difference at the global scale? By exploring community-level responses to worldwide challenges like ocean acidification, marine debris, and intensifying ocean use, this discussion will link the local and global scales to reveal how local strategies can add up to address global drivers of risk for coastal economies, culture, and ways of life.


Cylvia Hayes | Clean Economy Expert and First Lady of Oregon

Brooke Smith | Executive Director, COMPASS

Rebecca Goldburg, PhD | Director, Ocean Science Division, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Briana Goodwin | Monitoring Coordinator, Oregon Marine Debris Team

Boze Hancock | Marine Restoration Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

Julia Roberson | Director, Ocean Acidification Program, Ocean Conservancy

John Weber | Ocean Planning Director, Northeast Regional Ocean Council

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