A Timeline for the Changing Coast


Published on Jun 13, 201

In recent years, extreme weather events from Hurricane Katrina to Superstorm Sandy have dramatically exposed the hazards of living in the coastal zone.

Coastal communities are seeking immediate action to preserve their way of life -- but which actions are appropriate to take today? With over half of Americans living close to the shore, insured coastal property worth some $9 trillion, and the coastal economy accounting for an overwhelming majority of US GDP, accurately forecasting and understanding the vulnerability of our coasts -- and how it may change under projected future conditions -- is a critical step towards determining which risks may be the most urgent, catastrophic, or slow-building and cumulative. CHOW 2013's opening seminar session will provide a broad overview of the risks faced by coastal communities, economies, and infrastructure, then dig deeper to reveal the most urgent, short-term challenges that require immediate attention.

Austin Becker | PhD Candidate, Stanford University, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources

Kelly A. Burks-Copes | Research Ecologist , U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Lindene Patton | Climate Product Officer, Zurich Insurance

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